GoLearn: Pioneering a blend of Edtech and Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

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The concept of an edtech platform is to sell high net worth and valuable skills that can be transferred or utilized to earn more money. There exists a large list of thriving and self-sustaining edtech products in Nigeria. What Go-Learn offers is something that is undisputed; the ability to earning weekly while learning a course. Just like other platforms, Go-Learn offers a plethora of courses that can immediately be utilized. It’s high worth instructors also ensure that the skills learnt can be adequately implemented in their day-to-day life, via its Telegram mentorship channel.

For example, say I was purchased a course on the Go-Learn platform using a link shared by a friend, that friend earns ₦10,000 from Go-Learn. As soon as I register and pay for the course, a unique link is generated for me through which I earn from. This Affiliate link ensures that as soon as anyone purchases a course on the platform using my link I get paid ₦10,000.

One other beautiful Go-Learn service offering is its After-course mentorship channels. Students get the chance to join different social channels such as Telegram and Discord. These channels are managed by the instructors for their course. This avails them the opportunity to ask questions that may arise during the implementation of what they have learnt. Unlike most edtech platforms that are one-off means of learning, Go-Learn offers a continuous learning option for students on its platform.

So how do you start? Quite simple…..Kindly visit Go-learn.online to choose a course. The course available ranges from Understanding the difficulties in Cryptocurrency Trading and Web Design: Mastering WordPress.

The value of courses taught at Go-learn is not just theoretical but adequately practical. Its affiliate perks and continuous mentorship, which offers you the ability to earn as much as ₦100,000 monthly and continuously learn and gain access to your instructors, is undisputable.

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