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GoLearn Limited is an Edutech platform headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Founded by Olubori Paul Kehinde, a 28year old successful forex trader with full support from his team of successful experts that have gained extensive experience in their niche; they have personally developed their portfolio through result-based forex trading, successfully implemented business growth and expansion methods, trained students that are now industry experts, led business startups and have managed several technological implementations.

Golearn is a private limited liability company, established for young and ambitious individuals willing to learn high-income skills from proven experts with the sole aim to equip young Africans with high-income skills and for poverty alleviation.

The platform has since its inception have passed down strategic and transformational learning experiences to students. Golearn has transformed lives through its affiliate program to assist willing students to crush financial constraints that would affect their learning and have been able to cover a lot of course tuition.

With over 20 available courses, over 3000+ enrolled participants, and over 2000 affiliates, the platform has raised prospective world leaders that would change the story of the continent with time.

Founded just over two years ago, Golearn has been on an exciting growth path and has plans to grow bigger; the company has been recently projected as the future of edutech in Africa.

As they continue to grow with innovations and ideas, they seek the attention of investors with mutual interests willing to grow with them.

Our story:

Our journey started in May 2019 when we saw the need to create a balance where ambitious individuals can leverage available opportunities by learning high in-demand skills.

Ultimately, the goal was to provide people with tools necessary for them to engage actively in the wide financial market, where they can evaluate the risks involved and decide on how to scalp profitably.

In addition to providing a very formalized means of learning with the help of our well-laid-out courses and over 25 professional tutors, the Golearn platform incessantly innovates in a bid to keep up with the rapid advancement in technology and the learning system at large.

From inception till date, Golearn has completed 1,926 learning sessions, enrolled 3,279 learners, and maintained a 100% satisfaction rate. These statistics have shown how far we have helped individuals as the Golearn platform provides an avenue of growth for basically everyone due to our programs promoting diversity among all.

Purpose, they say, is an essential element of everyone and crosses across all disciplines. We love that everyone – or maybe not everyone is aware that they have a purpose and our learning system is set to professionally unravel the passion and purpose of our students (yes, everyone is a student) through our carefully formulated courses.

Mission & vision

To make learning accessible and available to all: We aim to transform lives through unlimited access to our courses from any part of the world.

To enhance the quality of learning: We aim to pass down outstanding learning practices and encourage only specific information relevant for learning to meet the learning style/needs of students.

This would enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of gaining proficiency in the chosen field.

What we do?

We equip visioners with the right skill to better position themselves in the constantly evolving world.

Learning, they say, is never over or enough as no matter how much knowledge you have, you always strive to attain more, strive to improve and get better…or for better opportunities at most.

We are tired of the popular stereotype “there are no opportunities in the country”. We believe this is a big threat to the financial market as the financial market is a very broad market with diverse opportunities open to everyone and with the right skills, it will be possible to maximize the potential embedded in the industry.

In addition to providing a learning platform for high in-demand skills, at Golearn, we are keen on affecting so many lives, causing an impact, and bringing about a change in the narrative for the yet unborn generation.

Why do you need to choose our platform to learn?

With our very flexible and easy-to-navigate courses, we bring you a highly significant learning scope as you get to study at your own pace and in your chosen location.

At Golearn, we believe learning is not a one-time event but a journey. We also believe learning is not a destination but a continuous enriching of the mind in its entirety. Learners are made and not born and in fact, we learn every day and whether we are conscious of this truth or not is another thing.

Asides from learning on the Golearn platform, earning is also possible through the affiliate program. The affiliate program allows you to earn up to N100,000 per week whilst learning.

Also, the Golearn training programs bring you a super exciting experience through online learning. With our state-of-the-art learning resources, you get to enjoy your classes virtually by sitting in your comfort zone. Our flexible learning initiatives will also help you to learn better and quicker than the traditional means of learning.

Our courses

The Business of Law – As a business owner, this is one of the most important courses you can take before starting your business. The business and the Law course elaborates the importance of registering your business or company.

Affiliate Marketing – We teach you the basics of Affiliate Marketing, the upsides, downsides and at the end of the course, we leave you with strategies to make money with Affiliate Marketing as well as help you create a great passive income stream.

Graphics Design – Graphics Design is one of the most highly demanded skills with a great profit. In this course, you will learn how images and texts can be used to convey ideas and information to a large audience. This course will teach you graphic design fundamentals and how to employ them to create awesome social media graphics using the ADOBE Photoshop tool.

Sales & Digital MarketingThis course will teach you the skills to turn your skills and experiences into daily income. You will learn how to engage your audience online using audience-first content that ultimately translates to an impact on organizational goals.

Makeup Artistry – You will be learning the basics of makeup that will aid you in gaining the best stance in the entertainment industry.

Forex Trading – This course will teach you everything you need to know to start trading the Forex Market. It is not just a theoretical course, you also get to learn how to use the information to trade live. We will rub you in on technically and fundamentally analyze the market for better trading results.

Decentralized Finance – This course is designed to help you understand decentralized finance and how to navigate and benefit from protocols built for DeFI on the blockchain. The course will also give the fundamental knowledge needed to dive profitably into the world of decentralized finance.

Cryptocurrency Trading – The Cryptocurrency Trading course will teach you the secret to trading cryptocurrencies and well let you in on different trading strategies for predicting the next market move with high accuracy.

Advanced Stock Trading – This course is built for persons in search of literacy whilst making consistent profit from the stock market. It is for individuals with a long-term perspective with any level of risk appetite.

Video Editing – The Video Editing course will teach you everything you need to know about video production using different software tools.

Product Design – In this course, you will learn how to create meaningful products using several key design tools. You will be using these tools to replicate the Netflix landing page, both for web and mobile. In-depth, we shall be using the Figma tool to design a Netflix landing page replicate.

Web Design; Mastering WordPress – This WordPress course will guide you through every single step from installation to a finished website. In this course, you will learn responsive, interactive, and user-centered visual design. In summary, if you want to learn how to create awesome and user-friendly websites that work across all devices, then this is the course for you.

Get all the courses here: All courses

Why do you need to sell your course on golearn?

The best thing about selling your course on golearn is that it can become a source of passive income. Once you create and post a course, you tend to earn money for a long time.

Passing down knowledge in your creative niche can also help grow your online following which creates more value around what you do.

At Golearn, we offer you the best resources and support to help you create classes that inspire and transform with all simplicity. Contact us to learn more.

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